CS 5113 and 4113 Fall 21


This is the web page for Fall 2021 Distributed Operation Systems at the University of Oklahoma.

View the Project on GitHub oudalab/cs5113fa21

Final Presentation

C S 4/5113 Distributed OS

Operating Systems Theory (Fall 2021)

Goals of the final

In this semester, we have discussed an array of distributed operating systems concepts. It is your job in this final assignment to showcase the knowledge you have gained. Your final report will consist of

Note, all files should be submitted separately, not as a .zip or otherwise compressed file. You may also submit your GitHub link, but this must only be in addition to the source files.

Important Dates

You may submit the final report as soon as the dropbox is opened. The last time to submit the final project contents is during the final exam period, Wednesday 12/15 from 1:30 - 3:30.

What to submit

Submit a 5-minute video informercial describing your work. The video has a strict structure that must be followed. Please label or overlay your discussion of each required component. If a component is missing or incomplete, you will not receive credit.

Check out some videos from Fall 2020

The components of the video include:

  1. A Title. Including your name and contact information.
  2. Description of the project. Describe the goals of the project and your primary focus.
  3. DS problem #1 Explicitly describe and cite the distributed system problem. Note that problems here refer to issues that you had to resolve, such as threading issues, and no properties of distributed systems such as networking. You may cite the textbook, the original source readings, or any other authoritative source.
  4. DS problem #2 See above.
  5. DS problem #3 – A third is required if you are in the graduate section of the course.
  6. How you tested for success. Give a demonstration of [at least one of] the ways that you tested and evaluated your distributed system. Details for other methods should be detailed in the README document.

The video must fit within 5 minutes and 59 seconds window. You must upload the video to Canvas. Note, the file may be too big to upload, if so, please work with the TA to ensure a good version is uploaded.

You must submit all source code to Canvas. You must also submit a README file describing the contents of the video and your codebase. Your COLLABORATORS file should include all resources. Each source code file must be submitted as an individual upload.


Infomercial 35%
Source Code 25%
Total 100%

The video will be evaluated based on the above requirements. The README file will be scored based on how descriptive you are of the accomplishments and the organization of the code base, testing methods, etc. The source code will be graded based on clarity, commenting, and correctness. The COLLABORATION file will be scored based on its presence and completeness.

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